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You've solved the first challenge, THE LETTER, and found our first secret.


We're very good at secrets.


Although you're not a member yet, THE MEMBERSHIP CARD we've provided you with will help you on your way to joining our illustrious society, the perks of which will, well, blow you away.

That reminds me: we were getting ready for tonight's meeting and it's possible someone left something around somewhere. Worth a quick looksie at least.


Let's play a game of Hot or Cold. The key is to get as warm as possible. If you know what I mean.

(I hope you do.)


(Because that's the puzzle.)

From here on out, the solution to each challenge will be a three-letter word.  Enter, replacing the "XXX" with the correct solution.  If you do, you'll see text giving you instructions about your next challenge...

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