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The Society of Conjurers And Magicians is the world’s oldest and most secretive magical society. Founded over 5,000 years ago at the dawn of recorded history in ancient Mesopotamia, the primary purpose of the S.C.A.M. is to promote the performance of magic and recognize those who excel at the practice of it.

Since its inception, the S.C.A.M. has existed to secretly elevate the most elite practitioners of the magical arts. For over 5,000 years our members have been meeting clandestinely to perform miracles for one another, and recognize each other’s magical achievements. Below is an abridged timeline of a few of the more dramatic moments in the history of the S.C.A.M.

3800 BCE

S.C.A.M. founded in ancient Sumer by magicians Watrum of Lagash, Utu of Babylon, and Phil Goldstein.

2635 BCE

President High Priest Imhotep cursed the office of President of the S.C.A.M. upon his death and since then no president has ever survived after being elected. Leadership of the S.C.A.M. has been a joint committee ever since. 

3018 BCE

A disagreement over where to hold the annual convention leads a splinter group of members to break off and form the International Brotherhood of Conjurers and Magicians or I.B.C.A.M.

399 BCE

Socrates is unanimously elected president on a dare.

16 AD

Jesus Christ joins the S.C.A.M on his third audition with a cups and balls routine.

573 AD

Merlin the Wizard given the Lifetime Achievement Award for Real Fucking Magic.


The S.C.A.M. announces they are moving their headquarters to the colonial township of Salem, Massachusetts.


The S.C.A.M. “Old Seal” (designed 3020 B.C.E. by Sargon of Krish) underwent its first ever redesign by Russian member Grigori Rasputin. This “New Seal” is still in use today!


Member Howard Thurston becomes the first magician to summon the Devil with a card trick.


Adolf Hitler is formally removed from S.C.A.M. membership after it was brought to the organization’s attention that he had never been officially kicked out.


The S.C.A.M. announces they are moving their headquarters away from the colonial township of Salem, Massachusetts.

May 9th, 1902

Harry Houdini’s membership revoked for failure to pay dues.


The S.C.A.M.’s offer to help with the war effort is declined by every world government on both sides of the war.


The S.C.A.M. resumes weekly meetings at its secret headquarters and, through a series of casual administrative mistakes, begins openly selling tickets to them here.


The world is struck by the first-ever global pandemic that the SCAM is neither directly or indirectly responsible for.  The SCAM's meetings go virtual for the first time ever, but due to several miscommunications, it's available publicly online.

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