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You've solved the MEMBERSHIP CARD challenge AND the NEWSPAPER challenge?!?  You're so close: you're up to THE GHOST PHOTO.

We know you can't tell, but hiding under the ghostly sheet in the photograph is former SCAM member, Millard Fillmore.

Although publically Fillmore took "The Pledge," swearing never to drink alcohol of any kind, it was superceded by "The Oath," a promise made during the Initation of any SCAM member not to be a fucking buzzkill.

If you want to solve Ol' Milly-Filly's puzzle, you'll need the cocktail menu.

And look at that!  He's already given you the first four letters?  He has been drinking...

Solve this challenge and remember: the answer is a three-letter word that will replace the "XXX" in  Be quick - the final challenge is next!

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